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Short Stories:


Not Here to Play
When Joyce and Chris bought the house as an estate they expected to find some old furniture, but a locked wardrobe unveils a pair of antique dolls and a mysterious darkness. A new imaginary friend of their son Sam seems benign enough, but a second spirit lingers in the home and Sam’s friend is the only one who can keep her in check.

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Flash Fiction Collections:


Reality Adjacent
Lost friends, strange afflictions, tricks of the mind. A reporter, a Preacher, a best friend, a night watchmen, and a scientist live in worlds just outside of the expected. Maybe they are the problem, maybe the solution, or maybe everything is just too far gone for them to control. It’s hard to tell whats real and what’s not, everything’s just… Reality Adjacent
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It’s so easy for something to take over your life. You don’t even know its happening. It can be as obvious as pursuing your career, as fleeting as a glimpse of a girl on the street, as hopeful as the search for change, as dangerous as the need to enter where you’re not allowed, or as tempting as the bottom of the bottle. You are compelled to follow and it takes you down a desperate path from which you may not return. Five stories illuminate that path, find out if our characters can overcome or if they will be dragged down by their obsession.