NaNoWriMo Prep

As always in late October I plan to partake in the insanity that is NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure how this year will go, as I am busier than usual with the horses but I will give it a go anyway. Some new words are better than none.

Last year I actually had a (vague) plan, plots points to reach and an idea where the story would go, this year it looks like I’m back to pants-ing it. I have an idea, or at least snippets of an idea floating around in my head, still mostly stream-of-consciousness style, and it feels like its a very different direction than what I usually do. I cant decide if thats a good or bad thing.

Either way, something will be happening. If the new thing doesn’t work out I am getting a hard copy of last years nano novella to work on revision. I’m hoping to get some concept/’vision board’ type art going as that always keeps me on track. And really when my muse gets going it wont shut up about an idea even if it doesn’t feel immediately like something I can do.

I will try to make some updates as another way to keep inspired (and on track) so keep checking in. I know Ive been behind posting my baking too, but Thanksgiving usually brings out the baking impulse again so be on the lookout for that mixed in with the writers ranting!

For now I leave you with my first two concept images (both from pixabay.com)


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