July StoryTime BlogHop


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All the kids turned to look at Kai’s sister. Lena stared back across the circle; everyday they all told stories at lunch. Making up the best ones they could to trick the teenage camp counselors. More often then not though they ended in giggles and eye-rolls when the lies were confessed. But now Kai was looking too, “She wouldn’t know, Lena’s never met him.”

Lena wanted to laugh it off too, Kai’s story about their older brother dripped of her sister’s desire to be the younger sibling. “I’ve never met him either, Mom doesn’t talk about him. But I’ve seen him in a picture.” Kai’s voice rose in protest at the disbelief. Finally the groups counselor Amy stepped in.

“OK, enough stories today,” she put a hand on Kai’s shoulder, “it’s our last day, only a couple hours until your parents get here, lets have some fun!”

The campers broke back up into their age groups sending Kai and Lena in opposite directions. Even with the girls apart, or maybe because of it, the whispers started.


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