No Bones About It

Still working on that  pile of unfinished crafts, DIY and random ideas, I got back to business on some fair exhibits. The family goal is still 200 entries for the 200th anniversary of the fair, to do that means I needs to pull the brunt of those numbers.

Now I love crafting, but thats still a big order even for me. My hopeful entry number for myself is rolling in just around 100. I have about 35 things made, another 15 that are veggies and baked good that cant be done until just before drop off.

So I’m dragging up the willpower and digging out the creativity and trying to make things happen. I’ve got a few little things done for holiday crafts, but today was jewelry day.

In years past people who are really into jewelry always take top prizes, so I focused on being different. Last year I stumbled upon a decaying racoon, and my creative brain said ‘we can use those bones!’ and after some attempts to not be grossed out I collected the majority of a racoon skeleton and processed the bones clean. Since then I also ‘collected’ an oppossum. Sadly most of that got scavenged away by who-knows-what but I had a fair number of bones left; plenty for some unique jewelry.

I started with what I deemed a Verti-bracelet (because puns!) and it was quite cute. A Verti-barrette followed and those were both gifted last Christmas. Now onto the fair entries:

another Verti-bracelet and a scapula pendant that will get painted on


and two sets: necklace, earrings and pin, and necklace and earrings


I cant wait to see the response to them. I hope  the judges appreciate something different.



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