PAX East Wrap Up

Despite below freezing temps and a jerk of a Lyft driver who bailed on us we had a great time. Speedwalking the streets of Boston in our costumes was a bit bracing but you gotta do what you gotta do!


The convention center was warm and as we all caught our breaths we jumped in for the first photo-op with the sign. Left to right:  Zack as Guts from Berzerk, me as Ciri from Witcher, Halley as Triss from Witcher and Nick as Cloud from Final Fantasy.

Halley and I headed for the CD Projekt Red Witcher/Gwent panel. Got to see some un-released cards and got photos with some of the artists and Maul Cosplay in his amazing Geralt get-up.

Of course we had to get some pics up on skybridge, best view there is!

Checking out some indie games, as intense as we look, were playing what is basically a spruced up Snake, but it was really fun! Halley and I also found a Yennifer to add to our Witcher crew, and who could pass by the Star Wars people without getting a pic?

And when Deadpool wants a selfie, you take a selfie! Also shout out to Logitech for not only having awesome shirts to give away but even having small and womens sizes!

Until next year….

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