Cosplay Week – Day Five

Ok, tomorrow is the day! Everything is packed up and ready to make a safe trip there. Last year we got dressed at home to get some pics in the morning, but there’s WAY too much to wear this year. Just base items at home then getting all the gear on the the parking garage.

Anyway, here’s the final piece of the puzzle, my Sword (and dagger).  I love making cosplay swords, I’m  not great at it yet, but I love experimenting with different materials to get a little better each time.

This time, while browsing the craft store for the dozenth time for this project, I saw some foam-core board. I’d been wanting something thinner to make swords with since the insulation foam from last year worked, but was very bulky. I wanted something finer. Especially since I had some difficult angles to cut for the hilt.

I was lucky to find a person who makes (real!) swords and makes mine, his store had great pictures and measurements that I used to work from. After scaling it down a bit to ‘fit’ me I had a pattern and got cutting.


The foam board was pretty easy to work with, in some places the foam flaked away but for the most part it stayed true to my cutting lines. I sealed the edges with masking tape and gave it a few layers of primer and plasti-dip.


Lots of paint later, it was looking pretty nice.

A cool sword needs a cool scabbard and hers was no exception. Luckily I planned this one at the right time of year… a wrapping paper tube from Christmas was the perfect size for this! lost more sealing and layers of paint and the scabbard was also ready.


The dagger was much easier, all the same but in miniature and I’d already gone through the process once.


So now you have all the pieces! Stay tuned next week for some pictures from PAX and of my full Ciri from Witcher 3 cosplay!


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