Cosplay Week – Day Four

Almost there! PAX starts tomorrow and I’ll be there Saturday! Todays cosplay item is my characters fancy belt. This was the part that I knew would be most difficult. What to make it out of, how to make it realistic, how to make it fit perfectly? So many questions. I knew that I just had to start and I would figure it all out along the way.

At Walmart I found a great (albeit rainbow) pack of think foam craft sheets, thinner than the usual ones you can buy one by one, and I knew they would be perfect,  I could layer then instead of trying to carve the thicker ones out.

Lost of cutting and gluing later I added more depth with puff paint and found some clear stones to turn the perfect shade of blue by painting the backs. To make sure they would fit perfectly I sewed snaps to the back as well as to an elastic belt. Then several payers of mod-podge, primer and paint later and finally gluing the stones in place…


At last try-on I realized that they wanted to spin a bit on their snaps so I added another line along the back to keep everything straight and now it is perfect!

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