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Cosplay Week – Day Two

PAX East countdown continues and more cosplay parts are coming. This one was quite a step up from what I’ve done previously with much more sewing and manufacturing, but I think it turned out pretty damn cool. I wont say what character it is yet though, lets see how far into the week we can get before it becomes obvious!

Part Two: Base Clothes

The base pieces were actually fairly easy, or at least easier then I expected. For the most part I intended to ‘dress-up’ pre-bought items; I cannot sew a pair of pants from scratch. And I was lucky enough to find the perfect pair to embellish. A few studs here, a few tucks there and some Salvation Army pants were now fancy cosplay pants ready to go.

The corset I did end up making from scratch, after searching through the fabric store I had almost settled on something that was OK but not great, then on the upholstery rack was the perfect color in a much richer fabric, a few coupons later and I had enough without breaking the bank. Many online versions of the costume feature a zipper but I’m not that good yet, so I took yet another trip to the reuse craft store for some grommets and made a lace-up back so I could get in and out.

The edges needed some tidying up so they got binding to match the character and a few studs too. There was more I could have done, but with all the layering up that was coming I kept it a little more simple.

The shirt, another Salvation Army revamp, I can tailor clothes, but not sew them. It took a few trips but after trying on all the white shirts I could find this one was nearly perfect. I just had to removed the buttons to open up the neckline a bit more and add a drawstring. Presto – shirt ready!


Onto the next!

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