Crochet Mania

So, every year I enter crafts (and baking and art and photos….) in a few local fairs. It all started with just some art and photos but as I look at the fair book each year I think ‘ I could learn to do that, then I could enter more things!’

I’ve been doing crochet for a few years now, and after sticking to basic patterns now I’m really starting to play with it. I’ve always been one to go off pattern, but now I’m actually planning my own patterns.

This year is special in another way too, my main local fair; Three County Fair (the oldest continuously run fair in the country!) is in their 200th year, so I convinced my family that we should bring 200 entries. Since its mostly my mother and I who do the majority, maybe my brother will get a few entries in, expanding my crochet was a necessity.

So far I’ve got an infant sweater, infant set, christening set, toddler aran sweater and adult plain sweater made, with an adult aran sweater in pattern planning. I just discovered a great set of videos on different aran patterns, now I just have to figure out how to work them into a sweater.


There it is, my first official challenge to myself, that we will bring 200 items in September. Off we go! To keep the pressure on and motivation up Ill try to keep posting about my fair endeavors. if you craft or have cool ideas for literally anything to make, let me know! I’ll be expanding way beyond sweaters this year so I’m always looking for ideas.

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