January StoryTime BlogHop


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Claire took the third seat on the left. At the next stop John got on and sat in the corner behind the driver. In two more stops Charlie would board and take his seat next to the handicap platform. When the bus pulled up to Union Station in half an hour their movements would have to be perfect for everyone to walk safely off the bus.

She had awoken from the dream the way she always did from that kind; with her throat raw and ears ringing from silent scream. It never failed though, they weren’t just dreams and once she had accepted that, she could start to learn from the premonitions. They weren’t always violent, but they were always important. This one was both, this one kept her awake the rest of the night. Tears stinging her eyes as she tried to tell herself that it hadn’t happened yet, that it didn’t have to happen, a long as she could get it right.

Her sister fidgeted next to her in the seat playing with the luggage tag on her duffle bag. She was catching the last train to take her back to school after winter break.

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19 thoughts on “January StoryTime BlogHop

    1. thanks, Claire and her dreams weren’t meant for this at first, I almost trashed the whole thing thinking it needed to be… more. I can definitely see myself going back to her in longer form.


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