NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

I validated my ‘novel’ today. I use the quotes because my NaNo-ing this year was a mix of writing and revising, so I was half Old School Wrimo working on a brand new project and half Nano-rebel working on a revision of my first Nano win novel. All in all I ended up with a 30k novella and am approaching the halfway mark on my revision (I hope anyway).

The novella was something that had been picking at me for some time, ever since writing the novel I am revising, and this month it finally came to fruition and I was able to take it from plot points to final words, something I have to thank Holly Lisle and the wonderful writers over on her forums (http://hollyswritingclasses.com) for.

I’ve made some good headway in both finishing things and writing a cleaner first draft so hopefully this story wont take five years to get to a share-able form. this was also the first story that I felt that I had a good handle on how long would actually be.

November 1st I had hopes of taking it all the way through to 50k, by the next week I knew it would be shorter, guessing (with my usually random and way off numbers) that it would roll in around 30k. On the 20th it came to a close at just shy of 31,000 words. Hopefully this is also a good sign, that I can understand my story arcs better.

So here’s to another years Nano, the new words that get written and those that get one step closer to publishing.


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