Princess Bride – Crowdsourced Cinema

Earlier this year Northampton Community Television did a super fun project. They broke up (my favorite movie) The Princess Bride into 2-3 minute scenes and handed them out to groups of film-makers (in my case, I use this term very loosely) to remake in their own style.

My group was basically just me and my brother, well, his girlfriend came to film with us for moral support and technically our mom was the R.O.U.S. wrangler. My first plan did actually include more actors but after the one day shoot where we could actually get everyone together didn’t go as planned I had to scratch that idea.

To make it more fun, and much more do-able, my new ‘vision’ had my brother playing all the roles. Yes he was Westly, he was Buttercup, he was even the R.O.U.S.

We had fun, or at least I did, and although I didn’t end up being able to go the the premiere it was a great experience. The complete film was released today and I share it with you all for your enjoyment.

My scene (if you cant spot a 20-something male dressed as Buttercup) is the one where Westly fights off the R.O.U.S in the deadly fireswamp.


a couple of stills:pb-img

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