Pie! Squared!: Thanksgiving Dessert Part 2

To go with my semifreddo and to cater to the whole family, I’ve made two pies this year. A traditional apple and a chocolate sugar pie. To save time I worked back and forth on them up until it came to actual baking. Because I can’t just do something simply, I made two different crust… Continue reading Pie! Squared!: Thanksgiving Dessert Part 2


Semifreddo: Thanksgiving Dessert Part 1

My contribution to family Thanksgiving is always dessert. Pie is always what we associate with the holiday so even though cake is my specialty (and favorite) I’ll be making pies. I headed off to the library (they still exist!) and a book on dessert pairings caught my eye. its full of pies and frozen matches… Continue reading Semifreddo: Thanksgiving Dessert Part 1


Princess Bride – Crowdsourced Cinema

Earlier this year Northampton Community Television did a super fun project. They broke up (my favorite movie) The Princess Bride into 2-3 minute scenes and handed them out to groups of film-makers (in my case, I use this term very loosely) to remake in their own style. My group was basically just me and my… Continue reading Princess Bride – Crowdsourced Cinema