Halloween Scream-Filled Cupcakes

My mom works at Umass and she is the best boss to work for. Why? Well sure shes really reasonable and such, but when holidays roll around and the students working for her don’t cause trouble, I bake for them. For Halloween this year they got Chocolate Scream-filled cupcakes with pistachio whipped cream frosting and cute sugar skulls. You’re welcome.


The best part, they are SO easy. The recipe starts with a boxed devils food cake mix (what else would be scary enough?) Preheat and prep pans as directed, but when it comes to adding that bland, water and veggie oil, STOP! replace the called for amounts with milk in place of water and melted butter in place of oil. This will thicken the batter and give you that moist, fluffy, homemade taste. PS you can do this with ANY boxed cake mix, it’s my go-to quick fix when I want to bake something yummy without the hassle of from-scratch.


Believe it or not, the frosting/filling is even easier. You can do it all in one bowl too. Take 2 cups heavy whipping cream and one package instant pudding, I used pistachio for its green color (and deliciousness) but you can use whatever floats your boat. then grab an electric mixer and whip it, whip it good. There’s your filling, easy-peasy. To stiffen it up a bit for the frosting on top I took what was left after filling and added about 1/4 cup confectioners sugar and whipped it some more, I also added a bit of green food coloring to amp up the color. Throw it in a pastry bag and top off your cupcakes. Decorate with sprinkles or whatever you’d like and DONE. 1 hour (including baking and cooling!) cupcakes that taste like you spent all afternoon on them.


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