October 2016 StoryTime BlogHop


My first BlogHop! Penance is a story inspired by my trip to Eastern State Penitentiary this summer, a truly awesome place if you get a chance to visit Philadelphia. At the end I’ll include some photos from my visit too.

Be sure to check out the link to the other BlogHop stories included below!


He hadn’t even wanted to come on this vacation but when you were sixteen you didn’t get much say in family trips. They didn’t even let him drive the rental car. For most of the drive Jeremy was stuck in the backseat waiting for it to be over.

His sister navigated from the passenger seat, badly if anyone bothered to ask him, while his mother looped around the city avoiding one way streets and shifty looking neighborhoods. They weren’t city people, but they were, or at least his Mother and Sherri were, haunted places people. Now they were driving around Philadelphia trying to find Eastern State Penitentiary. ‘Good Halloween fun’ they dubbed it; but he wasn’t convinced. So some people saw shadows, who cared?

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29 thoughts on “October 2016 StoryTime BlogHop

    1. Thanks, not wierd at all! It was an amazing place and we plan vacations around that kind of place! Trans-Allegheny in West Virgina is really cool too.
      I did consider playing with tine a bit making his stay feel longer so that may be in the future if I ditxh the lenght limits.


  1. Cool. I love creepy places…in literature and loved seeing the pictures & feeling the ambience of the place. Thanks for bringing me along.

    Liked by 1 person

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