NaNo Prep 2016

After skipping NaNoWriMo in 2015 and doing a short story collection in 2014 I’m planning to dive back in this November. My plan as of now is a story that takes place in the same world as my first successful NaNo finish in 2011, which has still yet to be fully edited. I just can’t seem to get my head away from that place. The new story will share a few characters, but mostly will share the mythology and backstory. The main character from Time & Time Again will be a supporting role due to her special knowledge, and possible insight, into the circumstances that will present themselves to the new crew of characters.

It’s a premise that has been floating around in my head since I wrote that first one, but hadn’t ever given thought to connecting them. But since I did a short story giving the backstory on the clock I discovered more of the rules of that universe and it has made me want to explore it even more. She also appeared in another short story from that year, again in a very minor role, but she lives in a world where things aren’t as cut and dry as you might think, and where the strange things may be(come) more connected than we would have ever guessed. It might be a coincidence that these kinds of antiques find their way to her, or maybe she just has a keen mind for detecting the connections that other people would skim over. Either way, things are about to get interesting again.

To get back under her skin I’m also hoping to get that editing done before NaNo so that I can make the original story available. Probably the first few chapters will be here as a teaser, then as a self-published project ideally in both eBook and hard-copy formats. I will also probably be doing a bit of ‘product testing’ here for titles, place names etc. So if you want to be involved, stay tuned for updates as I get further into NaNo Prep and eventually into November!

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