PAX 2016

Its really late, but I promised a part 2 to the PAX cosplay post when everything was finished. Since its been months I’ve condensed it all into one, picture loaded post.

Lets start with… swords! Of course I picked a character with not one, but 2 swords so I had double the work ahead of me, and they are supposed to be identical so that was fun.

I started out with insulation foam left over from the basement reno project, tracing out my lines as evenly as possible. The grids my OCD made me draw were less helpful then I had hoped. Then used modge-podge to seal and solidify it a bit before adding yarn for the decorative work and more layers of modge-podge.

I decided to work one then the other, not sure if that helped or made it harder, but they did get finished eventually.


The final step was my hair, some people would just buy a wig. Me, nope I bought a box of red dye, the permanent kind, no going half way for me!

And then we got to PAX! It was amazing, tons of people, tons of games. A few photographers stopped us to take pictures, even made our way into a cosplay video which I’ll link below!

*pictures by Matt Mangan

pax edit

*picture by Matt Mangan edit by me

Also had a cool shoot with Xbox for an awesome 3D compilation :

Cosplay Video by Cosplayer Nation
my brother and I are at 1:54

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