Crochet Peacock Shall


I came across a pattern for peacock feathers and decided to make a shall from them. I found the pattern to be a little difficult to follow, as the person who made it liked to tie off instead of just pulling in a new color but I go the hang of it eventually after make  a few changes. And shouldn’t some feathers be a tiny bit different anyway?


22 feathers later….. and time to come up with some way to connect them. but first, something to connect them to. A few google image searches later I decided I wanted to make the base just like the base of the peacocks tail.


Then I would ‘string’ them together and to it o feel like the little wispy parts of the feathers.


After lots of over-and-under and adding edges to make it sturdier I finally had what I wanted….

A peacock fan!12688106_10206148999664162_7942678357788217617_n

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