PAX Costume- part one

With PAX fast approaching I have finally started my costume, since Nick goes as Dante I choose another Devil May Cry character Lucia. A trip to goodwill turned up a super cool belt (way too big though) and a sweater that the perfect color/pattern just the wrong shape, so a new test of my sewing skills!


I started with the belt since it needed the least attention, just shortened it then added a few extra straps and some more hardware


Now it just needs the sword holsters, but I cant do those until I make my swords so… onto the next!


The sweater is tricky, its stretchy and boxy but we’ll see what I can pull off. After lots of pinning and repining on my life-saving mannequin I think Ive got it more fitted.


OK, so it was really snug at this point, the problem with recreating videogame costumes? the characters never need to take them on or off, even stretchy sweater was no match of shoulders. So I had to improvise, and add some more ‘style lines’ (aka cut and sew and hope lines) and decided to add a lace-up back to account for the end-goal of nice and tight.


So this is where we are for now, have to finish the sleeves and try to neaten up a few things, but I wont be posting and truly finished PAX costume pieces until the whole thing is put together. Wish me luck!

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